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  1. M

    SARMS Sarms stack and pct outlook

    Let me know what i should change 45 10 years lifting Never used sarms only steroids Want lean gains 5’11’’ 180 pounds 20 weeks Lgd4033 20mg Gw cardarine 20mg Sr9009 25mgs Pct: 8 weeks Clomid, nolva, hcg, ostarine
  2. K

    SARMS Sarms dosing for ostarine cycle

    I want to use ostarine mk2866 as my base Also want to use lgd4033 and cardarine gw with it What is the best way to stack them. I’m 22, first time using them as a stack 6’4’’ 240 pounds. Want fat loss and strength
  3. M

    SARMS Sarms stack i chose

    I’m gonna be using this sarms stack Lgd4033 20mgs a day Yk11 10mgs a day Sr9009 30mgs a day Goal is recomp and fat loss and endurance. Anything you would add or take out of the stack? 5’10’’ 189 pounds 30 years old
  4. H

    SARMS Sarms are fun to use

    I am really enjoying my current sarms cycle I'm doing cardarine GW 501516 I'm also stacking in s4/andarine with it Only side is vision issues in the morning I’ve gained 5 pounds so far and look leaner at the same time Currently 202 pounds and 5’11’’ 23 years old I’m 8 weeks into it. Should i...
  5. N

    SARMS Don’t care about strength sarms

    I don’t care how much strength i gain on sarms But i care about how much lean muscle i can put on Hope this makes sense What sarms would work best for me? I’m 5’10’’ 253 pounds and 36 years old
  6. W

    SARMS Mega shred sarms stack

    I'm a serious person who wants to shred up using sarms as my next performance enhancing drug I’m looking at the mega shred sarms stack I’ve got so far gw cardarine and rad140 on hand. What else do i need to complete the stack? I’m 245 pounds and 6’2’’ 18% body fat and 39
  7. F

    SARMS Sarms for bodybuilding hard

    Looking to do a hardcore sarms stack Rad140 20mgs a day Lgd4033 10mgs a day Sr9009 25mgs a day Should I add anything else to this or will this be enough? I want to bulk up and grow. Currently 22 years old. 6’ 174 pounds
  8. I

    SARMS Sarms stacking ratio

    I was wondering about if i had my sarms ratios in order Check out my plan: Cardarine GW501516 20mg a day But if i add in nutrobal mk677 shouldn’t i lower the GW dose to 10mgs so it doesn’t compete with the same receptors? Is that how this works or no?
  9. A

    SARMS Is sarms a good MMA drug?

    I started to get into MMA lately not only a good workout but also meeting a lot of hot guys in the process I’m looking at sarms for my next stack I’m 28 years old. 5’10’’ 156 pounds. Athletic and flexible I want to continue to improve my kicks and punches. Which sarms would be good for that type...
  10. Mobster

    SARMS No need to add more - vitamins and sarms

    Unlike steroids when SOMETIMES a bit more works for SOME people with Sarms and supplements few, if any, need to up the dose. Here's why. Cos science bitch. Let's take GW/Cardarine. While, as with many sarms, we use more than many studies on the original clinical use no one, to date, has shown...
  11. I

    SARMS I need sarms

    Was wondering which sarms stack would work best for me 6’ tall and 233 pounds. 25% body fat. 26yrs old Either cardarine GW+ RAD150 Or GW + LGD4033 Want to cut down weight but also get stronger
  12. V

    SARMS 5 pounds total gained sarms

    I just finished my cycle I had a log going but too lazy to bump it. But wanted to update everybody about my progress thanks to all of you on here for your help by the way I ended up getting up to 176 lb and I am 6 ft 2 in my body fat is still under 10% I did s23 for 12 weeks 20mgs a day Next...
  13. V

    SARMS Sarms and trying something different

    Check out this stack of sarms. it's a bit different than some of the other Stacks I see out there but I want to try it Yk11 10mgs a day Nutrobal mk 50mgs a day 5’5’’ 174 pounds and 18% body fat. 41 years old You think this will work at kickstarting my growth phase?
  14. E

    SARMS can I switch to sarms from steroids?

    I want to cruise on sarms after my steroid cycle I’m doing 500mgs test and 200mgs trenbolone 12 weeks then I was thinking of cruising on ostarine 2866 and gw501516 for another 12 weeks is this a good plan? I’m 28 years old and 5’5’’ 187lb
  15. L

    SARMS Cardio mandatory on sarms?

    do you think that cardio is mandatory if I'm going to be using sarms I really hate doing cardio lol I’m gonna be doing cardarine gw. I want to lose fat. A friend of mine took it and sat on his couch and still lost fat. He was a bigger guy. I’m about 250 pounds and 5’11’’.. Roughly 27% body fat
  16. V

    SARMS Using sarms for triathlon

    I'm going to be competing in a triathlon in the spring I am going to start training for it over the next few months some of the guys that I trained with take PED’s including sarms They mentioned some names but i wanted to see what you all had to say before i listened to them a triathlon involves...
  17. V

    SARMS Figuring out which sarms

    if I am currently doing lgd 4033 and want to switch out to a different sarm Which one should i change to? I'm just not getting the type of response that I was hoping for Would like to cut down more. I’m 250 pounds and 5’11’’ and probably close to 25% body fat. 25 years old.
  18. R

    SARMS Just a normal joe using sarms

    I'm just a normal guy I'm not a bodybuilder at all would like to try using performance enhancers in sarms seems like something appealing 28 years old and 5 ft 8 in 160 lb just looking for a little bit of an edge in the gym would lgd 4033 work good or should I take something else
  19. J

    SARMS Is sarms right for me?

    I trained at the gym three times a week and I do cardio 2 times a week\ I'm twenty-seven years old and I have been training for 4 years never tried anything like this but I'm curious to use sarms My friend recommended this cycle Rad140 20mgs a day + cardarine gw501516 20mgs a day 5’9’’ 188...
  20. T

    SARMS Running out of sarms early

    I originally had an 8-week cycle planned on my sarm stack but I am on week six and I'm already out I'm not sure what to do should I order more or should I just stop and go in to post Cycle Therapy? I’m doing cardarine gw501516 and s4/andarine together. Getting great results but bottles seem to...