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Steroids how would you run tren E and winstrol?

Hi brother, has you covered. Be careful with the side effects on this cycle you proposed as they can creep up on you.

You asked about 8 weeks or 10. I think 8 weeks will be sufficient, after that the Tren side effects will really start to compound in my opinion.

Keep the dosing moderate, this is a marathon not a sprint. Make sure you have anciliries on hand to help with side effects such as caber/prami, liver protection, and an array of vitamins - should you need it some sleep aid will help.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing to remember is that you get your gear from a trusted source on the boards such as that way you can be sure you are getting the best results from the absolute best quality gear.
Not worried at all about losing my head here as I’m already bald and I shave.
What I am worried about though is leaving anything on the table I want to extract every ounce of muscle I can on the cycle.
First off would you run these eight weeks or would you push for 10 weeks?
Also the dosing… should I go high on tren and low on winstrol? Or should I do the opposite?
I’m 6’1’’ and 184 pounds. 12% body fat. And 33 yrs old.
10 weeks on trenbolone? I want to ask the same question as @dylangemelli : what kind of cycle experience do you even have?
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