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PuritySourceLabs 💉🩸 Blood work incentives and how to take bloods! Only at PSL🩸 💉

I did bloodpwork for the umpteenth time.
Last time testosterone was capped.
Cycle is always the same.

Cycle that I recommend everyone to try.
Just as I strongly advise everyone to get bloodwork and keep themselves monitored.
What's more, PSL will pay you for it! What more do you want?

Here are the results:
come on come on guys, we need your blood, we're dying of thirst.
I finished the tren HEX and Boldenone cycle 15 days ago.
In these two weeks I have only taken sustanon 1/2ml 125 mg 3 times a week M/W/F and 50 mg proviron daily
last injection 48 hours before sampling.

Below are the first results.


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