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NapsGear Naps Customer Gear Pics

Title : 540mg test Base

Description :
Dragon pharma test is always great quality. is the only company with authentic Dragon Pharma gear. The price after discounts is unmatched. The quality is purely excellent!!

Products : Sustanon 270 (Dragon Pharma)

Title : Fast arrival, Great quality

Description :
As always Naps doesn`t disappoint! Super fast shipping, excellent products, and noticeable increase in appetite. The best part was the added bonus of Cialis, by far an absolute must have to keep PSA levels normal and blood flow 100%.

Products : GP Oxan (Anavar) (Geneza Pharmaceuticals)

Title : Pharmoqo For The Win

Description : Over the last few years I`ve gravitated towards Pharmaqo. They`re products are top of the line. I love the multi ester test.. it does everything for me.. boosts libido, strength through the roof, sizeable lean gains.. it`s by far my favorite gear to use. Along with that I keep some cypionate on hand for low dose between cycles. The tamoxifen was recommended to me by a friend to combat some slight gyno I`m getting underneath my nipples. Looking forward to trying it. I always use NapsGear.. all around just an awesome website with legit information, great deals and rewards. I`m continually impressed with them and Pharmaqo. Two thumbs up.

Products :

Tamoxifen 20 (Pharmaqo Labs)

Multi-Ester Test 400 (ex. Supersus 400) (Pharmaqo Labs)

Testosterone-C 200 (Pharmaqo Labs)

Title : NAPS stays winning!

Description : Another fast arriving order from Ultima Pharm, my personal favorite brand on NAPS. Can`t say enough about the efficiency I`ve experienced. I would recommend NAPS to anyone looking for quality supplements for health and well-being.

Products : Ultima-Sus 500 (Ultima Pharmaceuticals)

Title : Naps delivers! Some buy 1 get 1 Beligas

Description : Amazing deal on buy one get one Beligas. rTrust Naps brands and hadn`t used Beligas before.. No PIP with this and feel super strong pretty early in. rA trick I learned with injectable winny; initially I mixed 40mg or so (little under a ml) with normal inject. PIP was unreal. Anyone w PIP from injectable winny try using 30 gauge slin pin. Sub Q this hits really fast and strong for me and am crushing my last #s every workout. rthanks naps!

Products :

Retho-Cialis 25 (Beligas)

Pro-Winstrol 50 (Beligas)

Testosterone Deca Blend 500 (Beligas)

Winstrol Suspension 50 (Beligas)

Clomid 50 (Beligas)


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