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Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

Thursday March 21 2024

First a quick announcement from order placed international to reaching my po box which it arrives tomorrow, 9 days damn near on par with domestic shipping, UGF did it again some how lighting fast getting me the replacement test e 250, the guy just makes working with him so easy! So I give my best in return and find a way 💪 incredibly valuable source for myself and our members, my posts clearly show that and why you should consider trying UGF!

Yesterday was my first official day back into the gym and it wasn't my best day, by no means was it bad at all, I definitely felt weaker, was still able to push within a safe manner. I kept it simple.

Jumped on the scale for a baseline right now im 217.8 so Gained 3.8lbs since being away from the gym, no terrible.

Overall a little sore today but nothing I can't handle. Today was also my second injection since being back on cycle.

Today was 100mg test 100mg primo 20mg tbol 15mg gw 15mg sr.

Total amounts for the week so far
300mg test
200mg primo
tbol is 20mg a day
sr&gw 15mg each a day

I can definitely say para pharma hits like a train, two injections back into the mix and my aggression went through the roof today and lasted for a good 3 hours before subsiding.

Injection was into the rear left glute today as earlier this week I did the right rear glute.

I also was able to do 50 minutes of cardio uphill last night, couple key points, I walked at 3.8 speed for 50 minutes which wasn't possible before. I cut 10 minutes off my 3 mile walking time, and lastly I wasn't even tired I could have kept going, I suspect early on the addition of gw and sr are paying off some already. I hate cardio but those compounds weirdly make me want to go all out.

Diet is simple coming back had to alternate it a bit since Aldi only had 85/15 for the lean turkey so fat will be a bit higher this week.

yesterday 2100 calories, 154g protein, 100g carbs, 100g fat, every meal was 224g turkey, 84g green beans, two meals contained 224g of sweet potatoes. Had 4 meals in total.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪


Alternating DB Curl

Side DB Curls

DB Hammer curl

Wide Grip Barbell Curls

Narrow Grip Barbell Curls

Tricep Cable Extension ( close grip)

Tricep Cable Extension ( wide grip)

Single Arm Tricep Kickback

Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension

DB forearm Wrist Curls

Weighted Ab Crunch

Incline 7.0
Speed 3.8
Miles walked 3.16
Duration 50 minutes
HR 132
Calories burned 460
Wednesday March 27 2024

Starting out today few things of note. The first is my strength is still at a good starting point for being away and sick for a few weeks. The second is utilizing tbol even at 20mg a day has made a big impact for me getting back into the gym.

I have finally adjusted with tbol and that feeling of wanting to constantly snap off is fully gone, which I'm happy about. I now only feel that towards the weights in the gym when I get my mind focused on my workout.

I suspect weight is up a small % due to me being back on cycle, nothing major I went from 217.4 and now I'm at 218.8 Overall I felt great for the first time in a long time, pump, strength and total workout went great today.

Only changes I've made so far is deploying a small amount of aromasin at 3mg eod, I was experiencing some nipple itchiness in a small amount, that has since gone away after utilizing my AI.

I am still at that adjustment period trying to get fully back into things at the gym, so my workouts will be very basic and alot less volume for now, in a few weeks time I should be back at full speed.

Also the 250mg Para Pharma Test E smooth as silk, monday was first injection of the week for me, I used the right rear glute. Did 150mg test e & 100mg primo, absolutely zero pip or anything negative.

That site has been awesome, which I have GearHead to thank for that and hid constant spot on advice!

I feel after learning from my mistakes this time around we got this damn thing on the right track, life is all about trial & error mixed with gaining experience along the way, i am doing great, full steam ahead in the next few weeks time, overall I can say I feel upbeat and happier again, ready to go all out and see what we come out looking like in 16 weeks time.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪


Seated Machine Row

Lat Pulldown Machine

Seated Cable Low Row

Smith Machine Upright Row

AB Torsion Rotation
1x50@45lbs ( left side)
1x50@45lbs ( right side)

Incline 7.5
Speed 3.7
Duration 35 minutes
Miles 2.30
HR 138-144 ( entire session)
Calories burned 330
para pharma gear is smooth as butter. good to hear you are getting easy injections, that is what we strive for

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