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Approved Log Euro-Pharmacies' products LOG (the best or nothing)

I found an old file where I wrote down the measurements.
I took them back and compared with the latest ones available.

I finished the tren HEX and Boldenone cycle 15 days ago.
In these two weeks I have only taken sustanon 1/2ml 125 mg 3 times a week M/W/F and 50 mg proviron daily
last injection 48 hours before sampling.

Below are the first results.

damn, they just informed me that the other tubes of my blood are "gone"...
apparently the testing machine ruined it and caused it to clot.
Tomorrow I will go back to take more blood and repeat the tests.
I have to take blood again this morning.
Unfortunately on Monday things went wrong, plus the pin scheduling changed. consequently yesterday, 24 hours before, I had the sustanon injection, so the testosterone could be slightly higher, given by the testosterone prop.
for the rest even ast alt etc could be higher.
I didn't train on Saturday and Sunday, but on Monday and Tuesday I did, so now there are also waste products from damaged muscles in my blood.

in the meantime, I prepare some pump with some good peptides.


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