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    SARMS Time for nutrobal?

    keep in mind you want to run mk677 a good 6 months but a year is most optimal... for the best quality sarms visit either or 1-12 Rad-140 (TESTOLONE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 Mk677 (NUTROBAL) 25 mg day dosed once a day in the...
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    Steroids Dbol in this stack

    you shouldnt... you havent even given this time to work and if you are up that much weight already, then just wait... you absolutely dont need dbol here... you could add something like s23 or lgd3033 and would get the size without the estrogen and side effects...
  3. dylangemelli

    SARMS Sarms stack and pct outlook

    you DO NOT need hcg whatsoever here.. dont use it in this cycle and definitely NEVER in any pct... also WAY too long on the cycle... i have no clue where you got this kind of information but please avoid whoever or wherever you got this from... for the best quality sarms visit either...
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    Videos Dylan Gemelli's Top 5 Favorite SARMS: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Dylan Gemelli's Top 5 Favorite SARMS
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    Steroids Test and primo cycle

    too much of everything... 350 mg of test and 500-600 mg of primo is PLENTY... you DO NOT need to go higher than that with primo...
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    Domestic-Supply Cyber Monday Sale!

    Wow, awesome!! SUPER GENEROUS!
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    Sources solid as usual

    You have to put in the time to do your research before using these companies... the forums are great tools to help you make safe and wise decisions on these kinds of things... if you look everywhere, you can easily see domestic supply being brought up over and over again as the best!
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    SARMS Sarms dosing for ostarine cycle

    i would go with a different stack based on your goals for the best quality sarms visit either or 1-12 GW-501516 (CARDARINE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 Rad-140 (TESTOLONE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 Sr9009...
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    Steroids Fall cycle hot or not?

    you dont "need" to run a short ester but you certainly can if you want... you dont want to go over 6 weeks of anavar though so i would lower that from 8 weeks to 6 weeks
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    Steroids Cutting on this stack help

    none because you shouldnt be using any steroids... you dont sound like you know what you are doing, you are not in the right condition and it seems you are hoping steroids are going to be the magic way to get yourself into better condition...
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    SARMS Sarms stack i chose

    stack looks great... you would want n2guard to protect against small toxicity with yk11 but aside from that, you dont need any other ancillaries on this stack.. for the best quality sarms visit either or 1-12 YK-11 (MYOBOL) 10 mg per day split...
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    Videos The Ultimate SARMS and Peptides Cutting Stack: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    The Ultimate SARMS and Peptides Cutting Stack
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    Psychiatrist question

    none of us are psychiatrists man, at least none that ever make it known, but regardless.. how would any of us have anything to offer other than a guess.... ???
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    SARMS Sarms are fun to use

    you DO NOT switch at this point... you stay on them the next 4 weeks to finish your cycle, run your mini pct, take some rest time and then you can get on another cycle.. you dont just "switch" as you see fit, thats not how this works
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply shipping options?

    you can message Greg to see what he can do... thats a question for him to answer but hes as helpful as they come