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  1. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    I do not count anything. Do not consume enough. Very hard during the day. I cant be eating the whole time I'm working Protein granola bars Protien shake with milk Cheese burger Fries Protien shake always with milk Greek yogurts Or cottage cheese type snacks Buffalo chicken wrap Fries...
  2. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    Eating 4 5 times a day. Few shakes Lots of water Did chest. Usually do chest on thurs but skipped it last week. Last week was a bad week. Killed it today tho. Huge pump. I can see good difference in size. Chest work out Warm up Flat flies 4x12 Incline bench press 4x10 Reg bench 4x10...
  3. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    Had a couple off days. Wasnt feeling too hot. Barely slept. Did shoulders today. Here's the work out Warm up (always) 15*15*15 Side raises, front raises, reverse flie Side raises (one arm pulley) 4x15 Reverse flies (laying on incline bench on stomach, only one click up ) 4x22 Arnold presses...
  4. Mike_wh00

    Supplements How to boost testosterone after cycle

    What they said. For sure
  5. Mike_wh00

    SARMS fat loss help sarms

    Sarms are good
  6. Mike_wh00

    UncleZ Benefits of DHEA - The Master Hormone

    Good reading
  7. Mike_wh00

    Steroids Mild steroid stack options

    So test mast deca or eq instead of deca with var
  8. Mike_wh00

    Geneza solid brand geneza pharma

    Yes they are
  9. Mike_wh00

    SARMS check out this sarms cycle

    Id stick to what dylan said
  10. Mike_wh00

    Supplements How to get more size fast

    Go Amazon, muscle&strength or bodybuilding. Com and get a huge bag of most high calories carbs and protein weight gainer
  11. Mike_wh00

    Sources quality review

    Do very intense searches first. Ull find most places aren't good
  12. Mike_wh00

    Steroids injectable addition

    Primo with test
  13. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    Alot of the vips know my stats etc but for the ones who are going to read this and don't know me. My stats are: Age 32 Male Height 5'6" Weight start of this cycle was 188 I am now 193.8 Aim: muscle mass Cycle or steriod experience: I've done well over 5 cycles. This is 3rd one since I...
  14. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    I'll get protein and diet info In later. Thank you everyone for thr support. Yall the real MVP's
  15. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    Yea I agree man. No worries. I kinda read it wrong also. . People do claim they lose gains as an excuse to stay on. I would never stay on for longer than a cycle length. I am not even on trt. I cycle on and off and last cycle was during the winter last year. Ended in March.
  16. Mike_wh00

    UncleZ Huge Domestic Sale

    Get the hot sale guys
  17. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    You do realize I only lost anything because I didn't work out for the last month and a 1/2 I didn't lose anything during the sarms bridge or after until I stopped lifting due to injury